Thursday, July 17, 2014

Women Against Anita Sarkeesian / Feminist Frequency

You heard me right, there are women out there that very much dislike Anita Sarkeesian , Feminist Frequency and all this Tropes vs Women bullshit tumblr SJW ( social justice warriors ) love to praise and shout "sexism" about.

One thing I really hate about modern feminist is that they complain that there are not enough female characters in gaming. Well, with this, I made a very simple collage of as many female chartacters I can think of. As you can see, the picture is practicly crowded from trying to cram all of them in the picture, and this is only a FRACTION of the hundreds of awesome, bad ass women in video games.

In gaming, some of these women play a leading role, kicking ass and saving the world. Some are playing important supporting roles, ruling over a kingdom while the player serves and protects them, or even joining on an adventure with them. Some will need saving. Some will save YOU. Some are serious and bad ass, hardcore females that take charge of their destiny. Some are erotic, brimming with sexy confidence with killer bodies, my personal favorites, but can easily kick your ass in those very same high heel stilettos and make you LIKE it. Some are survivors in a horror game. Some are light hearted  princess damsels in distress. Some are saving the king themseves, if not the universe. Some are fighting in a tournament to be the best woman they can be. Some are adventuring for lost treasure, or trying to get a high score, or maybe just having fun in kart racing. But these are women, from Chun Li to Ivy Valentine, from Mass effect to ms.pac man, and they are here to stay sexy and powerful, wither feminist like Anita Sarkessian like it or not.

There are thousands of female characters in gaming, all positive in their own way, with endless variety to appeal to any female gamer. Some gamers want to be a bad ass fighting hordes of demons, some want to be a sexy bombshell with big boobs and bikini armor, others may want someone more practical and realistic. some people want to be loved and protected by their partner, some want to adventure it alone to prove themselves, and these female characters can cater to any type of fantasy they want.

These are Women Against Feminist Gamers, and you don't need con-artist like Anita telling you what you like and don't like. And unlike Anita, we don't need money from kickstarter to stand up for our gaming culture.

Welcome to W.A.F.G.

(P.S. For those that complain about "oversexualization", yes, a lot of these characters might be sexualized, but in no way is that a bad thing. Sex appeal is confidence and power in feminine form. Take a read from fellow female gamer on why embracing female sexuality is a wonderful and positive thing )